Learning A New Language, an Advantage.


Many people speak more than one language, some are born into multi-lingual families and others learn at school or through further education. For those who do not fall into the aforementioned categories, often though it is not a natural progression but a conscious decision for self-improvement and having a clear purpose for acquiring new language skills.
Learning a language is a personal challenge. It can also show you that there are different ways to view the world. The structure of your language, determines how you think and interact with others. A second language (or more) will offer you a different way to think about the world. You will also view you own culture and language from a different angle.


Being able to speak more than one language often increases your chances of finding a new job, getting a promotion, transferring to an international branch or going on business trips. When you work with people who from a different culture and you do speak their language, this aids in better business communication, on all levels. It shows an appreciation for the business that they are engaging in with you and also cuts down on miscommunication, be it of ideas, contracts, transactions or partnerships.

Additional languages are always a plus on any CV, opening opportunities one might never have though possible. It is also beneficial for travel in general, study abroad or for relocation for work.

If you intend to study abroad, even if the course is in your Primary Language, speaking the local language will serve you well. Living in a foreign country and interacting with local people and using local media, is the best way to learn a new language well. This can be carried forward into your professional life. It is always best to take some time before starting your studies to take a basic language course to get you started.

If you are relocating for work, even if your Primary language shall be used, learning the local language will make your integration in the community a whole lot easier. It also helps in understanding your colleagues and they shall appreciate that you have taken the time to learn their language, helping you to integrate and connect with them on a more personal level. Even if people in your new country do speak your language, don’t let that become the excuse not to learn. Through acquiring your new language skills, you also demonstrate an involvement and dedication to your new work and location that will be noticed.

Whatever of the above reasons resonate with you, hopefully you will take on the challenge of learning a new language. It is always rewarding in more ways than you can imagine and opens up a whole world of possibilities.

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